Junior School

The Junior School works to develop the social, emotional and academic skills that will allow students to realise their full potential. The RIVER values of Respect, Integrity, Vitality, Excellence and Responsibility are the foundations on which the ethos of the school is built and underpin all we do.

The Mannum Community College Junior School is comprised of nine composite classes catering for Reception to Year 6 students.
Each double classroom block shares an art area and computer pod and all face out on to the lawn and playground area.
Students at Mannum are involved in up to date curriculum and methodology with student engagement a high priority.
Children work closely with their class teacher in the core subjects of literacy and numeracy with support from specialist teachers in areas such as PE, LOTE, history and the arts. Literacy blocks include strategies such as guided reading, phonics, all aspects of comprehension and spelling skills. Numeracy has a ‘real life’ problem solving focus.
At Mannum Reading Matters and all students are actively encouraged to improve their reading skills across all subject areas and parents support this focus at home.

Communication / assessment and reporting

Assessment is on going – being both formative and summative. Teachers work from where the children are at and aim to challenge and support children to think about their learning and be actively involved in problem solving. Staff use many forms of assessment to inform them of future directions for learning.

Parents are kept informed through class newsletters, acquaintance night, formal reporting and incidental meetings as required.
Learning folders are compiled by teachers throughout the year giving clear examples of your child’s learning. These folders are sent home in the last week of each term and returned within that week.

Formal reports showing outcomes aligned with the current curriculum are sent home in Terms 2 and 4.
Parents are encouraged to make times to speak with their child’s teacher throughout the year.

Camps are an integral part of the curriculum at Mannum Community College. They provide students with practical, hands on experiences to support their learning that would not be possible at school.  

The Junior School concert is held in odd years. This is an exciting time for students to showcase their learning and skills in the Arts area. Parents are encouraged to become involved and support their child’s class in their production.

Excursions and Incursions
When ever possible students are offered opportunities to be involved in real life learning through excursions. These can be local – for example - to the bakery, art workshop etc. Students usually walk and these are covered in the general consent forms. Others are further afield. You will be contacted with all details and additional consent will be sought. Incursions occur when the children stay on site and the presentation comes to the school.

From Kindy - The Junior School has strong ties with the Mannum Kindergarten. The teachers meet with Kindy staff regularly and visits by children are actively encouraged. Many of the programs are followed through so there is a smooth transition and skills and knowledge are passed on.

Swimming and Sports
Students are involved in swimming lessons each year in the ‘on site’ pool.

Students are increasingly involved in a range of sporting opportunities as they move through the Junior years. Sports Day is a highlight and enjoyed by students and parents alike.

Special programs
The needs of individual students are catered for in a range of ways including sensory activities, horse riding, water therapy…Teachers accommodate the needs of students within the classroom setting.

Students at Mannum Community College Junior School are involved in a caring learning community where all are striving to be Awesome. Positive behaviour education is our goal  and parents, staff and students work as a team to encourage positive social skills and minimize negative.

This school is part of the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development trading as South Australian Government Schools.
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